Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Meet Emily Hugs Pinky

B turned 5 today, officially!  And we now have a new addition to our family.  So, where did I take B for her birthday outing??

If you guessed Build a Bear then you are right!

Choosing two hearts for Emily.

 Getting her stuffed just right.  They asked B is she wanted Emily hard, soft or in the middle and B picked in the middle.

 So happy!

Made especially for B.


Dressed and ready to go home.  You cannot really see it but Emily is wearing a shirt that says Happy Birthday and has a little cupcake on it.

So much fun, where to go next?  We are in the mall...hint, hint...

 That's right.  Time for a little birthday treat.



And just to round things out, how about your own personal merry-go-round ride!

 I think she is enjoying every minute of this, do you?

And then we went to dance lessons and came home to find out that big sister, A, had baked B a fabulous cake!

 Check it out.
 One last birthday wish...

And I am done.  Love you B!

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