Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Lost A Few Pounds Last Night

Or at least it feels like it, in hair that is!  Yes, I donated my hair to the Locks of Love program again.  Yeah, my 5th time in my 9.5 years of marriage.

 B and I right before I cut my hair
(if you look closely you will see C!)

The first time I took the plunge was on my honeymoon in England!!  So, I donated 15 inches and a few more were cut off to make my style so I am ~ 16-17 inches shorter and my head feels much lighter.  So my grand total of donated hair to date is (13+14+16+15+15) a whopping 73 inches!!

 D and I right afterwards!

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Abbi said...

That is very cool! I planned on doing that once. I had my hair already to go (in cut off pony tails) and then I never figured out where to send it. We did better a few years later when my daughter wanted to do that. I haven't ever grow my hair out long enough since to be able to donate.