Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Spirit of Giving: Quick Ideas to Give and Brighten Someone's Day


People talk a lot about Christmas in July, you have probably heard it mentioned at some point.  Mompact has teamed up Boogie Wipes, Spin Kindness, and Kandoo for a Summer Spirit of Giving event that is sure to bring a little cheer to all who participate!  There are lots of ways to join in - virtual giving tree, huge sales and community kindness projects.

Speaking of community kindness projects, there are tons of great ideas for you to jump start your kindness now.  Why wait for December?  Here are a few ideas: volunteer, gather cans for your local food bank, read at a nursing home or set up a winter volunteer project during the summer handing out socks, make welcome packs for new teachers, have a mini summer toy drive, have your kids make cards with messages of hope and hand them out wherever you go....

It is fairly hot in the summers here in Texas.  The kids and I decided to hand out water bottles during a hot day for our Summer Kindness project.  We printed out labels and the girls made pictures to give them a personal touch.  We attached them to 24 water bottles and we plan to give them out this week as we are out and about.  We hope to bless people as we distribute these bottles!

 The labels B made.

 Water bottles ready to hand out.

 A close up view...

Please join Mompact for a Twitter party next week on Thursday, August 13th.  You will get to discuss the spirit of giving and ways that you can be involved and more!  They will be giving out lots of prizes from their sponsors so be sure to show up and participate, use #SSofGiving.  I hope to see you there!

Oh, and be sure to enter the awesome #SSGiving Giveaway going on now.  Support the event sponsors and awesome mom business owners by following them on social media and gaining entries into the giveaway, a win-win.

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