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ACT Mom Online Class from ACT Mom Review

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The ACT Mom

Did you know that ACT Mom offers test prep with the ACT Mom Online Class?  With more and more colleges accepting the ACT, this is a great way to prepare your high school students for this test.  And now that I have three high schoolers this year, I was super excited to review this course.
What is the ACT Mom Online Class?  This online, self-paced class is ~ 13 hours in length and helps students learn the ins and outs of the ACT.  It includes materials, streaming videos and practice questions.  Students can watch the videos over and over again as needed.  The goal of this class is to improve a students ACT score; thus, earning college scholarships!  While I feel a little late using this with A (12th grade), I still see benefit.  And I feel great with the timing for B (10th grade) and C (9th grade).
The ACT Mom Online Class is divided into four sections - Math, Science, Reading and English. 
Our Binder

After signing up for this course, a binder will be sent to your student in the mail.  I love this!  Organization is a big concept discussed and this really helps students start out with it.

Binder contents

Our binder includes graphing paper, pencil pouch with dry erase marker and sticky notes, and ACT practice tests in sheet protectors.  This is everything students will need to begin their class.  Students will be taking these practice tests using their dry erase marker multiple times.  They will learn to use the sticky notes to break down concepts and see patterns to questions that they miss.  I think it is a simple yet very effective strategy.  I also want to note that you can download the materials that are shipped as well.
As previously mentioned there are four sections - Math, Science, Reading and English (you can see them above).
Each subject is divided into multiple sessions with lecture videos, quizzes and additional resources.  Above you can see into the Math section.  Students are expected to take notes from the white board.
As you progress through the course, your progress bar will increase.

Remember, this is self-paced so how quickly your student finishes depends on how much time they spend on it in a day/week/etc.  I really love that the instructor (the ACT Mom) encourages each student to understand why they want to take this test or improve their score before they begin - is it to get a scholarship?  Something else?  The ACT Mom is very down to Earth and relatable and her videos are engaging and will keep students interested.  If you currently have high schoolers or will soon, we would definitely recommend the ACT Mom Online Class.

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Test Prep with The ACT Mom

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