Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stylin' Shoes and My Munchkins

As promised here are a few pictures of C in his new stride rite shoes. I must say they are pretty stylish. Thanks to the Grands for purchasing them :) He also has another pair of sandals but I do not have a picture of those yet. And for those of you who are worrying, don't because he spends most of his time barefoot...which is best. But I love these shoes!

C figuring out that walking is slightly different in shoes...

Close up of the shoe itself :)

My munchkins

I love the above picture of A, B, and C! I took this photo this afternoon as we were on our way to Target to pick up some extra labels. I am gearing up for a garage sale this weekend that we are having with a friend. We did one last November and it was a huge success. I think we made ~ $550. I hope to do well again but de-cluttering is a reward in itself. Hope everyone is well. Please pray for my sister as she finds out tomorrow if she is pregnant!!!!

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