Tuesday, April 22, 2008

General News and Such

Well, the garage sale is over and I think we did pretty well. We made ~ $400. There were three families that had items in the sale and I think we sold around $1,000 worth!!! Kind of motivates me to want to have more but it is a lot of work.

C is 11 months old today. I cannot believe that he is almost 1. I took the kids to the park today and he was all over the place with the girls. I think we are going to have his party on May 25th so for those that need a heads up - there it is.

A has another ear infection - yikes! I think the first one never fully went away so we are on a new antibiotic. Hopefully this will take care of it. Luckily she has still been able to go to her swimming lessons and she is looking forward to her one tonight.

And for the big news....drum roll please....we will be taking a family trip overseas this summer to Morocco. We are really excited. The kids have never been on an airplane so it will be an adventure just to get there. We haven't figured out all the details so I will try and keep you updated as we know more.

I guess that is about it around here. Hope everyone is well.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you sure have a lot of news today. Sorry about Audrey and her ear infections. Wonder if she has allergies.
You are brave souls for attempting to take the children on that long plane ride to Morocco. I have flown overseas several times and the young ones are not always happy to be sitting . Good luck with your summer trip. Let's hope for an improvement in the US dollar.
Have fun, take a lot of photos and keep all of you healthy now and on your journey.

Stephanie said...

lots of news here...exciting travel ahead. BTW - I got some phone calls today ;)

Nissa said...

A trip to Morocco sounds amazing!! What great memories you'll be making!

Jane said...

OK, I have a hold on the 25th. Not that that means anything...
Do you know where in Morocco you'll be traveling yet?