Friday, April 4, 2008

Family of 12

Well, we are officially a family of 12 - at least for a few days. Our good friends went to Cozumel for a family wedding and we are watching 7 of their 8 precious children along with our 3! So that makes 10 kiddos running around and a lot of excitement. I am a little bummed that the weather didn't cooperate today (it's raining) - at least yesterday we had an opportunity to be outside most of the day. Our big treat tonight is taking the kids to Dairy Queen and they each get a dipped ice cream cone. They are super pumped - the little things. I will try and post some pictures when I can.


Anonymous said...

You are brave and courageous. I am sure this is all very interesting to have so many kids. I hope you let these people share in your children for a long weekend or something. I would guess they would love to repay you for this wonderful gift of caring for their large family. Let them!!!
The sun will come out and all will be well this weekend. Bubbles often make for a lot of cheap fun too.
Send photos soon.

Stephanie said...

we need pics!

crayonmommy said...

ha ha ha... Stephanie said "we need pics," I am thinking you need tylenol. ha hah ha.. I hope ya'll are having fun. Just one question, though -- where are they ALL sleeping?! :)