Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

 My little E heart

Happy Valentine's Day!  My amazing husband made us all breakfast this morning and it was so yummy!

 My place at the table this morning.  

My omelet was super yummy!  I haven't eaten the chocolate cookie yet (I am trying to stick to my no/low sugar even today).  And what was in the box?  My first pair of TOMS, woohoo!

 David made heart shaped jelly toast for the kiddos.

 Some surprises for them.

 A close up of the cookie...

 So, D ate her lollipop and cookie first.  Oh well, it is Valentine's.

 Now, onto the toast.
Hope your Valentine's is going as well as ours :)

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Hungry For Living said...

That cookie looks yummy, I am a sucker for anything chocolate!