Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Introducing Squinkies Zinkies

I know I have mentioned Squinkies on my blog before because my children adore them.  Well, when Squinkies shrinkie, they become Zinkies!  Blip Toys has done it again.  Squinkies Zinkies are the super new, teeny tiny, squishy squashy addition to the line of mini collectibles, at about half the size of the original Squinkies.

Zinkies will launch with six unique sets, three of which are pictured below.

 Zinkies Train Set
 Birdhouse Fun
 Snug as a Bug Sunflower

Like Squinkies, Zinkies come in their own plastic toy bubble that pops open to reveal a "surprize inside."  Super cute Display & Play toys will give your Zinkies lots to do, with sets like "Snug as a Bug Sunflower" and Tiny Tea Party Teacups".  Each of these sets also includes a squeezer and a magnifying glass so you can handle your Zinkies with love and care.  Every pack comes with twelve exclusive Zinkies, four of which are hidden in colored bubbles to make collecting even more fun!  We were blessed to receive the Small Aboard! Train, Tweetings! Birdhouse, and the Snug and a Bug Sunflower play sets.

 Zinkies Fun!

 B loading up the sunflower.

 A and the birdhouse.

 C had fun loading up the train.

 Finished :)

Everyone is cozy.

What do my kids think?  As with the Squinkies, they love them!  I wondered if the smaller size might be a problem but I assure you it was not.  My kids had so much fun playing with their Zinkies and they loved the squeezers that came with the sets.  C especially liked the magnifying glass.  Even D had a great time playing with our new Zinkies and she is only 2!

Squinkies Zinkies will be arriving throughout the month at retailers nationwide, including Target and Wal-Mart, be on the lookout!

Thank you Blip Toys for this opportunity!


Kathy M said...

I thought these might be to small, but they seem like they really like them alot. Good info about them!

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My daughter wants these so bad!

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