Saturday, September 8, 2012

C's Bike Party

C and his bike cake

We were finally able to have C's bike party last night!  I say finally because he has been ready for awhile.  What is a bike party?  It has become our tradition that when our children get their training wheels off and can ride their bikes independently we have a party (we really are party people!).  They have to be able to start and stop their bike on their own (that's another part of it).  Here are pictures from our celebration last night at the park.  C had a cake and brownies.

The kids bikes

 Off he goes...

 A and B at the table, we also had a dinner picnic.

 D swinging!

E and I having fun on the playscape.

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Dara said...

what a cute idea! I wonder if my kids will ever learn to ride their bikes. they had a program after school one day to teach kids to ride but neither of my kids picked it up. :(