Monday, September 3, 2012

My Grill-tastic McCormick's Party

Happy Labor Day everyone!  We were able to celebrate the day with great friends and fabulous grilled food - a win-win in my book.  Thanks Crowdtap and McCormick's for providing me with my Grill Ambassador kit.

 My McCormick's Grill kit included both rubs and sauces.

I used the Memphis Pit BBQ rub and the Brown Sugar Bourbon BBQ sauce on our ribs, Spice Brandy and Herb Marinade Seasoning and the Molasses bacon on our chickens,  the Montreal Steak Seasoning on our Burgers, and some Memphis Pit BBQ rub and Molasses bacon seasonings on our pork chops.  Our hot dogs were not seasoned.

 We used a huge smoker and

a charcoal grill today!

 Here is my Chicken Collage.  We cooked 3 whole chickens.  I learned how to properly cut a chicken for a smoker and how to season them. 

We cooked 3 racks of ribs - these were quite delicious!

Some fabulous pork chops.

Our burgers and dogs - we cooked these on the small charcoal grill.
Thanks Crowdtap and McCormick's for helping us have a grill of a time :)

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Neha said...

That sure looks like a lot of fun!