Sunday, July 20, 2014

Removing America's stains for over 100 years Giveaway

The Removing America's stains for over 100 years giveaway from Purex has launched!  Since 1894, Purex Fels-Naptha laundry bar has been working overtime to remove greasy, oily stains, perspiration, and ring-around-the-collar.  To celebrate, Purex is giving away a year's supply each day from July 14-23.  There are 10 days and there will be 10 winners.  Go here to enter and good luck!

The Purex Fels-Naptha laundry bar is pretty awesome.  You can check out my past review of it here.

This giveaway ends July 23rd, 2014 at 3:00pm PST so please enter before then.  Good luck and let me know if you win!

Disclosure:  Thanks so much to the Purex Insiders program for allowing me to be a part of this campaign and providing information about this Giveaway!  As part of this campaign I am eligible to win prizes!

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