Monday, August 4, 2014

5 Ways to Reuse or Upcycle Boogie Wipes Canisters

Most of you know that I am a Saline Ambassador for Boogie Wipes.  I actually belong to a team of great ambassadors known as Moms Who Boogie.  I often have Boogie Wipes containers around the house.  I started thinking, how can I re-purpose these?  Here are 5 ideas we came up with (I am sure there are tons more).  Please, please share your ideas/thoughts/pictures in the comments.  I would love to hear them.

For all the examples I started with an empty Boogie Wipes container, removed the label and went from there.

 Empty Boogie Wipes Container

 Remove the label, super easy to do.

Canister without the label.

1.  Small Trash Can:  This trash can works great in a car or at home when doing crafts.  It is a great size for kids.  It was my daughter's idea to create the handles for easy transport.

Insert plastic bag and decorate.  A wanted to decorate this trash can with her stickers.

 Finished Trash Can

You can make it portable as well.

In use, view from above

 Here is a collage of the entire process.

2.  School Supply Holder:  Whether you need help organizing your pens, pencils, markers or rulers, these canisters work great for all.

 Storing Markers

 Holding Pencils

 Storing Pens

Ruler Holder

I realize that not every family owns 10 rulers.  You would be surprised but they come in handy in homeschooling.  Basically these canisters are great for holding various office and school supplies and they could be used in your home, office or classroom.

3.  Straw Holder/Organizer:  These canisters also work well for holding straws (minus the lid).

And it can hold a lot of straws, more than I have right now.

4.  Water Cup for paintbrushes:  My kids love to paint!  I have never liked the idea of using our drinking cups for painting and then drinking.  A Boogie Wipes canister can be cut and used as a water cup for paintbrushes - woohoo!

Cut the canister to make a cup.

Painting set up

 B creating a picture.

5.  Change or Savings Jar:  This summer we went to Great Wolf Lodge and ever since we got home our kids have been talking about going back!  They started their own Great Wolf Lodge fund.  A Boogie Wipes canister is great for holding change or a specific fund.

 We decorated the change jar with felt using a hot glue gun.

The kids made a label.

I cannot believe how much they have already saved!  There are lots of quarters under those bills.  They still have a ways to go though.

A and B with their finished jar.

What do you think?  Please share your thoughts and ideas!


Megan said...

I just pinned an activity day idea for glass jars to save money, but I think using this would be so much smarter! The trash can idea is awesome too.

Crystal Porter said...

I was just looking for something to store out pencils in. As soon as we're done with this canister of boogie wipes, it'll be turned into a holder for pencils. Thanks

tara pittman said...

I used this for a Tithing container at our church picnic. They are also great for putting the samples in

Crystal Martin - Cinnamon Hollow said...

These are all such great ideas! We reused one for our daughters "Monster High Make-Over" birthday party last year. I had pink, black and white argyle duct tape and glittery ribbon that I used to make a vase for some black silk roses and another to put their make-up items in. They worked perfectly as a vase for their party!

Lois Jones said...

We use one as a mini compost holder. I put some soil/compost in the bottom and put in food scraps during the week. I close the lid and shake it to mix the soil with the scraps. It sits under our sink. When it is full I dump it outside in the big compost pile.