Sunday, November 18, 2018

Theater Play Success

Our homeschool CoOp is officially on break until next year.  C was involved in a theater class and they had their performance last Friday - A Mother Goose Comedy.  C played Little Boy Blue and Humpty Dumpty.  Unfortunately, I had to miss the performance and stay home with F as he was under the weather but David was able to go with the other kids and they said it was so much fun.  One of the other parents recorded it so I'm hopeful that I will get to watch the recording.

C as Little Boy Blue

 C as Humpty Dumpty

 Humpty's Big Fall

The Cast - I didn't take this photo but I love it.  Kudos to the parent who took it!


Kathy M said...

Such cute photos!
Hope you get the recording

Kathryn said...

Thanks! Me too 😉