Thursday, August 14, 2008

Decorating Help

Yes, it is me again asking for more advice :)

I would love to change up my kitchen a bit. For those who have seen my house, my kitchen is extremely small. My husband has recently bought me a much newer white stove, and microwave and dishwasher (love craigslist!) which will all match my white refrigerator. Anyhoo, my current kitchen is green (which I love) but I am wondering if there is something that might be better. There is also an ivy design which I love but I am willing to ditch it for a change. Attached are a few pictures (please ignore the mess - yes, life happens at my house!). Any ideas??

One view of my kitchen and the current green used (the micro will be white)

Another angel, the dishwasher will be white

close up of the ivy


Stephanie said...

I think you need to start off my thinking theme or feel you are going for.....then the decorating fun can commence.

Riley Alan Blackman said...

Remodeling is so hard. I just have a hard time visualizing it all. Maybe that's why I became an accountant and not an interior designer. Sorry I'm of no help, but I can't wait to see how the kitchen turns out.

Anonymous said...

Piece of cake. I have green cabinets too. I like things that feel like bringing the outside indoors.

It is time to get rid of the ivy border for sure. Dark cabinets make the white appliances stand out. You can keep the green, paint the walls but not white. Find a third color you like.
What is your floor like. You might have to change that up too. Go to Lowes, and check out the paint colors and see how they combine things. I like the Biltmore nature colors. They show you what goes together. They come in booklets. See if you can locate your cabinet colors and then see what they added to it. I am going to guess there is a wall color you will love when you look at those combinations.
I painted one all gray. I used an oatmeal color and took a paint pad in a long rectangle shape and make a brick wall of oatmeal brick. I put up green shutters instead of curtains. It is slick. You might try making a stone wall. You might be surprised how fun it is and how you can express yourself. The kids might like to help too. This is the cheapest way to remodel.