Monday, August 4, 2008

A Million Updates in One

Where did July go? That is what it seems like to me right now. Well, we are back from the Roc or Morocco that is and our family had a good trip. David and I were surprised and amazed at how well all three kids traveled. The girls were in awe of traveling via a big airplane. It was super fun to connect with our friends there and our kids had a blast with their kids.

David set up a place to put most of our pics from the trip. You can view them at

I had the opportunity to go and visit my brother and his family last week for several days while they were in the midst of moving at it was so much fun! My nieces are a hoot and it was great to see A, B, and C having such a blast with them. And their new house is great!!

David and I were able to attend the banquet for the Five Outstanding Young Houstonians of 2008 while Brian and Dusti watched all three kids!!! Dusti even did my hair! Why were we attending this banquet you might ask. Because one of the recipients of the award was Jane!!!
You can read more about it here at

Way to go Jane. We are so proud of you. Thanks for letting us share in this special occassion with you.

And the kids, well they are doing great! I cannot believe how grown up A is becoming. I know I know, she is only 4 but if you could hear some of the things she says you would think she is 14 sometimes. And B, she is a ham. She is full blown potty training and I am so proud of her. We went to Target this morning (to see if they had anything left from the 75% markdown) and she did fabulous in underwear. You know you are near the done stage when you make outtings in panties! And what can I say about my big boy - always into something and loving it!

A showing off her sunglasses

B in Mommy's shoes

C at the beach


Rooney's Little Musings said...

I'm so glad we got to "meet" when you came down to H-town!

Your hair was so beauuuutiful!

Robert S said...

Glad to hear the trip went well.

Stephanie said...

Glad that yall had a fun and exciting July! Thanks for the updates!