Saturday, December 20, 2008

We could use your prayers...

Well, I spent most of the night/morning in the ER last night. I started having bleeding/clotting shortly after David's work Christmas party yesterday. They ran a ton of tests and there are a few possibilities: I am extremely early pregnant with some bleeding and everything could be okay, I am in the process of a miscarriage, or I may have an ectopic pregnancy. We are hoping for the first but we know that God is in control and that He created this life and has the ability to sustain it - that is what we ask for. I have an appointment on Monday afternoon with my doctor to see where we are at. So that is the scoop from here. Hope everyone is doing well.

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The Joys of having Boys said...

I am a friend of your sister's S. I will be praying for you. I just went through a miscarriage the day before Thanksgiving.

You are very right God is in control and we have to put faith in Him through these times of uncertainty in our lives.