Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dance and Cupcakes!

Well, the girls are officially in dance classes and they love it!! Ballet and tap are very fun!

Here is B about to start class

And here she is (second to the left) in class with Miss Alex

And here is A about to leave for her class

And, Grandma Cummins (great grandma to the kids) had her 85th birthday party yesterday! It was so great to celebrate with everyone. David (I helped a little :) made an amazing cupcake tower in honor of grandma complete with elephants, monkeys, lions, clowns and poodles - check out the pictures!

Grandma's Cake - Circus cupcake tower

I love this picture of grandma and David (A is in there too!)

A close-up of a few of the clowns

And a close-up of an elephant


Meredith said...

The girls look so cute in the dance outfits. The cupcake tower almost looks too good to eat.

Stephanie said...

Cute dance pics. Gosh those cupcaks are AMAZING! I think David could be a professional. Has he ever seen that show Ace of Cakes? He would love it!

Anonymous said...

I love your talents with the cupcakes. Did you see them in a book or was this totally creative. You could cater cupcake parties and do well. Cupcakes are all the rage even for wedding cakes.
The girls look cute. Oh, the days of dancing school. What fun the recitals are.

Jane said...