Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday A!

I cannot believe that my baby is 5 today! Whoo, has it really been that long? We had her princess party on Sunday and it was a "ball!"

Here are some of the princess cupcakes that David made - too cute!

Here are some of the princesses that were able to attend. Note, the princes are in the playroom slaying the dragons.

I just love A's huge smile as one of her friends is being silly.

Here she is about to blow out her candles!
Oh, did I mention that the girls dressed up into princesses at the party.
Way cute!! Wish I had some boy dress up attire.

And here are silhouettes of my family. It has been a long time since I have done a craft but this was quite fun to do and with David's help we did it in a day - start to finish!

And please let me introduce, in his debut on my blog, the one, the only, Finn (my only nephew so far) - and what a joy to finally meet him!

Here is Dave and Finn.

Love this smile! Check out his cheeks :)

C had to meet him too! I think he is already plotting with Finn...look at that face.

Eyes wide open.

Now, for the record, I finally did get to hold my nephew even though I have no photographic evidence to prove it. He is a cutie.

I guess that is all for now. I still cannot believe she is 5!!!


crayonmommy said...

Yeah! Good blog. And, yes, I happen to be partial! :) Love ya!

Clair said...

Who makes these cupcakes???!!! They're AMAZING~! Thanks for entering my contest! Clair