Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book Review #3: Secure Daughters Confident Sons

For my third installment for the blogging for books program I will review Secure Daughters Confident Sons (How Parents Guide Their Children into Authentic Masculinity and Femininity) by Glenn T. Stanton.

I love the title and I love the topic!  As a mom of four, and one on the way, it is important to me to teach my children security and confidence.

First, Stanton explains the importance of difference between males and females.  He explains that there are extremes one way or the other (those that believe that sex differences are merely minor plumbing issues vs those that are Macho Joes and Pretty-in-Pinks).  This book focuses on the middle ground between those two extremes for each gender.

Stanton goes on to describe the qualities that make a good man: they are explorative, determined to deliever the goods, need to know what's next, are opportunists, initiators, active and aggressive, must take chances, and are competitive and dominant.  Followed by qualities that make a good woman: confidently enticing, seek intimacy over action, wisely receptive, seek security, prefer modesty, they care, use words, desire equity and submission, wield soft power which shapes humanity, and are about connecting.

The book continues with what you need to know about boys.  First, a boy is a young male on his way to manhood.  Secondly, a boy is God's creation.  Thirdly, boys need to know that what they do can make a difference, they need big missions, need to be innovative, disciplined, have good called out of them, need to be honorable, accepted and respected.  This section is then followed by what you need to know about girls.  A girl is a female on her way to womanhood.  Secondly, she too is a creation of God's image - she bears God's image in a way a man never will.  Thirdly, she needs to see herself as capable, she needs intimacy, community, modesty, wants to talk, heard and affirmed, and a sense of security.

Stanton also makes a point to talk about the different parenting styles between mothers and fathers and how they are both important.

I love that their are Q&A sections after the chapters.  I really enjoyed this book.  I think it has some great insight into raising boys and girls and lots of practical tips as well.

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