Tuesday, August 23, 2011


When I think about generosity it makes me smile!  It is a special word that makes my heart full.

Over the weekend I went to buy D some diapers and wipes because they were tax free and she was almost out!  I had so much trouble buying three packs of diapers and two packages of wipes, I am not really sure why.  The manager kept telling me that I shouldn't expect to come into the store on a Saturday and buy things from their ad (that were clearly advertised in the ad until Sunday).  "If you want to get these products, you need to come Monday through Thursday." he not so politely told me.  After an hour of politely listening I was finally able to leave with my diapers and wipes.  A gentleman in the store overheard my trouble and came up behind me.  He mumbled to me how he didn't think it should be so difficult for a Mom to buy her child diapers and wipes of all things and put a $20 bill into my basket and quickly scampered off.  I was stunned and so blessed!  This man clearly knows how to be generous and he extended it to me right then and it made me feel so good...

We try and teach our children generosity.  We often tell them that God loves a cheerful giver, giving with a happy heart.  It is so fun to be on both ends of this, the giver and the receiver!  A's favorite thing to do is buy the person's meal behind us if we go through a drive-thru - she loves doing this!  B loves saving up some of her allowance each week for the children and people of India.  C and D are not currently receiving allowances but there are still lots of opportunities for us to include them in giving to others as well.

Of course, generosity is not only limited to money and finances but goes so much beyond that.  So, as you go about your day today I hope that you will experience the blessing of generosity, whether you are the giver or the receiver!

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Aww that is so sweet!