Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Thankful Heart & Family Fun

Fires are popping up all around us and Central Texas right now.  A few weeks ago I was saddened to look at our front yard and see absolutely no grass.  I was also thinking about how our pecan tree didn't produce any pecans because of the drought; whereas in years past we couldn't keep up with them.  Now, again, I am just so thankful for all the things we do have - our family, our home, our clothes, a yard to play in (grass or no grass).  The last news report I heard said that the fire in Bastrop (not too far from us) was 0% contained and over 34,000 acres have burned.  Some friends of ours from church lost their gorgeous home and most likely everything in it.  Please pray for fire containment all around Texas, for those that have lost everything or been displaced, for the brave firefighters & for some much, much needed RAIN!

We celebrated D's 21 month birthday on the 3rd!  We love brownies :)

Over the weekend we were able to do some much needed cleaning, sorting, arranging as we continue to prepare for Baby E.  We were also able to go outside and enjoy playing as a family (although, I mostly sat in the chair and enjoyed everyone else running around).  The kids rode their bikes, scooter, skates, etc.  And then David and Jack, a neighborhood friend of my children, found some ramps that had been disposed of and you know the phrase: one man's trash is another man's treasure.  Thus, began the obstacle course and daring experiments - it was so fun to watch the kids try all kinds of things.  I think it is super fun when you are able to watch someone do something they have never done before.  Enjoy the pictures!

 C using the ramp as a launcher.

 B probably gets a 10 for the highest jumps.

Catching air...

A went on the ramp on her skates (with a little help from Daddy).  I couldn't believe how awesome she did!  B also skated across but I didn't really get a great photo of that one.

D didn't miss a thing.  She jumped on the skateboard and was ready for her turn.

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