Thursday, July 5, 2012

Writer's Cave

Remember how I am a part of The Forgiven Duke blog tour?  Well, I have a special post from Jamie Carie herself about her Writer's Cave.  But First, a little about Jamie.

Jamie Carie

Jamie Carie writes novels about fierce, passionate women; their dreams; their fears; their triumphs. Her deepest desire is to see her readers find that same passion as they follow their destiny and discover deeper intimacy with Jesus.

She lives in Indianapolis with her husband and three sons.

Writer’s Cave –

I have a laptop and tend to move around but I’ve attached two photos of my “work spaces.”


 Kitchen Table Office

Sometimes, when I can see the screen well enough, I work outside in my backyard.

My Writer’s Cave – I do love working at night so the word “cave” is very apt. I usually write in my corner office (a corner of my bedroom – lol), in my kitchen at the table, in my living room on the reclining sofa or, when the weather and lighting is right, outside on my deck.

 Deck View 1

 Deck View 2

When I’m on a tight deadline, I tend to write off and on all day and in the evenings, but when I have the choice, I am most creative at night. I hope you enjoy the photos of some of my writing spots!

 Deck View 3 - At night

Thanks so much Jamie for allowing us to see your writing spots!  I love getting to know Jamie and interacting with her on her facebook page.  Be sure to check it out right now :)


Christina Morley said...

This was interesting for me, as I spend a lot of time writing. Thanks for sharing!


Abby Flores said...

Thanks for posting..:D

Megan S. said...

I loved seeing where Jamie writes. It's neat to see where the books begin : ) Thanks for hosting Jamie!
Megan at
Faery Tales Are Real

city said...

thanks for sharing.