Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Butterfly Snack Bags

Today we had a lot of fun with our snacks.  When I saw this idea on Pinterest I just knew we would do this.  Check out our butterfly snack bags made using things we had around the house:  clothespins, markers, eye stickers, pipe cleaners, snack size ziplocs, and grapes and gold fish!

 First the kids markered their clothespins.  

Paint would have been a lot of fun too but I chose to keep it pretty simple.  Next, they picked out their eyes from a huge sticker sheet that I picked up at a yard sale.  I think I have over 500 eyes and I payed a nickel!  Then they chose their pipe cleaners and we made antennae.  I assembled the snack bags, we clipped on their butterflies and voila!

 And of course, it was almost as fun eating them as it was making them!

A bit excited.


ChaCHA online said...

What an adorable idea! Gotta make these myself. :)

Tania said...

Great Idea

Ashley said...

What a cute idea! This would be fun to do for a party - with snacks or favors.

Melissa Ryan said...

Hi! I just wanted you to know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I really enjoy reading your blog! Come on by and "pick up" you award.
Melissa Ryan

Sparkle and Co said...

Clever!!! And easy to make!!! Thank you for sharing

Kathy M said...

These are really nice snack bags, I am sure the kids loved making them!

Angela said...

Such a fun idea!

Thank you for visiting my blog, very happy to follow you back!