Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday C!

We picked up a Cookie Cake from the mall.

Sunday, C turned 9!  This past month has definitely been the craziest I have ever experienced with the older girls injuries but I was so thankful that all of us could be together for C's birthday.  I hadn't seen E or F in 23 days so it was super sweet to see them again (my sister and brother-in-law took awesome care of them).  We had originally planned to have a baseball themed party for C last Saturday but we ended up having a quiet celebration at home with all of us and family that was visiting from out of town.

 C after blowing out his candles.

C's end of the year baseball team party just happened to be the afternoon of his birthday so that was pretty awesome - they all sang to him and were super sweet.  We may have a bigger party for him in June but honestly we will just see how everything goes.  A's schedule is about to get pretty full with procedures, doctor and therapy appointments so until we get a consistent schedule down it still seems like we are living in a crazy land.  I have a new appreciation for how healthy my kids have been.  I have always been a big believer in community and I have to say that our community could not be more supportive.

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