Saturday, March 11, 2017

Happy Birthday David - Surfing Party

David's Surfboard cake

David turned 39 this week and we were finally able to celebrate him today!!  He had a surfing themed party and we had a fun day relaxing around the house.  Some family and a few friends were able to join us which made the day even more special.  I made the cake this go around and I think it came out nicely.  I used G's Baby Mum-Mums to make surfboards (they are the perfect size) and then I crushed graham crackers to make the sand (way better than using brown sugar in my opinion).  We already had a sea shell candy mold so A and B made sea shell candy to make it look more "beachy".

David loves Tex Mex so we had taquitos, queso, guacamole and chips.

Fresh Fruit

Extra sea shells from our candy molds.

Sun Chips

And of course, cake and ice cream!

Cake with 39 lit candles

 David and F

 Blowing out the candles...

 He did it!

David received so many fun gifts including cards, gift cards, a journal, flying alligators, magnet puzzle, grow capsules, rocket launchers, mints, a mini airplane, a checkers set, a robot coloring book and crayons, a yo-yo-set, Millennium Falcon jellies, surfing lessons and a Razor RipSurf.  We spent the day playing with many of his presents.  Hope you have a great week!

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Elena said...

the cake looks cool. happy birthday!