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Memoria Press First Form Latin Review

Memoria Press

I love Memoria Press so I was super excited to receive First Form Latin: Complete Set for review.  This extensive set includes a Teacher Manual, Teacher Key, Student Text, Student Workbook, Quizzes & Tests, Pronunciation CD, Flashcards and DVDs.  This really is everything you need to give your kids a solid Latin foundation.

First Form Latin:  Complete Set

Teacher Manual

The Teacher Manual is fabulous.  It has everything you need.  It even includes the Student Text as in inset, extensive teaching notes and colored answers.  It really is chock-full of great information.

Table of Contents for the Teacher Manual

The suggested lesson plans are really helpful.

Instructional DVDs - this is a 5 disc set.

I truly love having these, they take the pressure off of me!  The kids Latin Instructor (or Magistra), Jessica Watson, does a great job explaining Latin.  I have been watching the lessons with the kids and I appreciate how she lays out the material.  The DVDs include helpful notes, illustrations, diagrams, and recitations.

Watching lesson 1

 Jessica Watson teaching lesson 1

 Showing the First Conjugation - Present Tense

 I loved that she showed the kids derivatives.

Student Text

Looking at the text during the video instruction.

A look inside the text

This set came with a Student Workbook.  I bought extra books since I wanted to use this program with A, B and C.  Each lesson has 4-6 pages of exercises that help teach concepts through practice to help learn mastery.  You need a separate workbook for each student in this program.

B working on her workbook

Here you can see her working on her assignment.

Inside Student Workbook

 Quizzes and Tests booklet with reproducible weekly quizzes and unit tests.  

Teacher Key - has answers to the workbook exercises, quizzes and tests

 First Form Latin Flashcards

 Here are the flashcards for lesson 1.

Backside of the cards for lesson 1.

The flashcards contain the vocabulary, Latin sayings and grammar forms.  I love that they include the lesson number that they correspond with on the cards.  This makes it easy to organize them.

Pronunciation CD 

The Pronunciation CD is a great resource as it contains a pronunciation guide for all vocabulary and grammar forms for every lesson.  This along with the Instructional DVDs are great if you feel lost.

This curriculum (written by Cheryl Lowe) is designed for all beginners, grades 5 and up (or as a follow-up for those that completed Latina Christiana).  A and B have both had some experience with Latin through their Challenge A classes.  C has had no previous Latin instruction.  If you are looking for a Latin program to begin with, this is a great one to use.  It introduces Latin at a gentle pace and gives the students the tools for mastery.  It also has a unique systematic approach to teaching grammar.  Not sure how to pronounce the words - you have the pronunciation CD.  Intimidated by teaching the lessons - you have the instructional DVDs.  Not sure you will know the answers - you have the teacher key.  Memoria Press's First Form Latin: Complete Set really is complete!

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I look forward to seeing how much Latin A, B and C master when they have completed this program.  I'm also really enjoying learning about the Latin language myself.  I'm learning right alongside them.

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