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Second Grade Literature Guide Set by Memoria Press Review

E will be in 2nd grade this upcoming school year.  I was super excited when we received the opportunity to review the Second Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press.  You guys might remember I'm a huge fan of Memoria Press as we have used their First Form Latin and Simply Classical Spelling Books.  Their products are amazing.

We received all of the Second Grade Literature Guides without the novels.  This was super generous of Memoria Press as we only had time to review one of the guides in this set.  This Second Grade Literature Guide Set includes both student study guides and teacher guides for all five novels - Prairie School, The Courage of Sarah Noble, Little House in the Big Woods, Tales from Beatrix Potter and Animal Folk Tales of America.  Thankfully, we already owned all of these novels except Animal Folk Tales of America so I am ordering it as we speak.

 Our Literature Guide Set

 Our Books

The student study guides are consumable and expected to be used by one student; whereas, the teacher guides can be reused.  E and I chose to start with Prairie School + Memoria Press Literature Guide.

Our Prairie School Set

E reading

Memoria Press' literature study guides help train students to become engaged, active readers and challenges them to think.  These guides focus on comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and composition skills.  Every lesson has a word study to help enrich students vocabulary.  I really appreciate the comprehension questions that challenge students to think about what they have read and learn to identify the main points and messages.

E's student study guide pages for Chapter 1

And the pages for Chapter 2

Prairie School contains eight chapters and is 48 pages so this guide had eight lessons.  You can have your student read the book to you or have them read independently.  I had E read the first two chapters aloud to me.  She did such an amazing job that I had her read the remainder of the book on her own.  The teacher guide contains a model lesson plan that includes pre-reading, reading, and post-reading instructions.  There are four main sections on the pages of the student study guide:  pronounce and spell, vocabulary, comprehension questions, and discussion.  I really like the Enrichment section that includes activities like copywork, dictation, composition, research, mapping, drawing, poetry work, etc.  I have been so impressed with E's comprehension and discussion ability.  It has been so fun.  E reads the comprehension questions aloud to me and tells me what she remembers.  The vocabulary portion has been so rewarding as E's vocabulary is steadily increasing.  She knew some words, had great deduction for others and learned several new definitions throughout this book like hearth, buggy and primer.  E is very advanced in her reading and this book was one of the shorter ones so our pace was a bit faster than expected.  However, we didn't speed through it because there was such value in our rich discussions!

We have already begun our next journey into Tales from Beatrix Potter.  I am pumped that I will be able to use the rest of these guides throughout E's 2nd grade school year.

Tales from Beatrix Potter Set

Tales from Beatrix Potter focuses on the tales of Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Tom Kitten and Johnny Town-Mouse.  It has the same model plan and includes a life lesson section for each book.

Animal Folk Tales of America Set

Animal Folk Tales of America is on its way to me but it looks like it is 14 chapters long.  There is the same model plan and it includes rhyming, writing a poem and has a few chapter assessments.  

Little House in the Big Woods Set

Little House in the Big Woods has 13 chapters and is 238 pages long.  The chapters are longer in Little House in the Big Woods so many of the chapters are broken into two lessons with a part 1 and part 2 in the student study guide, not all though.  There is the same model lesson plan as the other guides.  There are 4 honors activities as well as multiple assessments as well.

Example of an honors activity

I'm really looking forward to researching Wisconsin with E as we have family there and we have visited many times!

The Courage of Sarah Noble Set

The Courage of Sarah Noble has 11 chapters.  It has the same model plan with 3 honors activities and 3 chapter assessments.

I'm excited about this illustrating a scene activity.

I love that you can see samples of both the student study guides and teacher guides for all five novels on Memoria Press' website.

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