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Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventure for Every Name by CrossTimber Review

Amazing Names by CrossTimber

If you know David and I then you know that for all seven of our children we did not find out their gender before birth.  We also did not really have names picked out for them.  For each one, we went to the hospital, and after birth spent time with them and prayed over them.  We asked God to give us a word or phrase to help us name them and that's how they all got their names.  Of course, once we had A and B we thought it would be fun to stick to the alphabet pattern as well and it happened to work out!  All that to say we don't take names lightly.

I was super excited for the opportunity to review Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY name! from CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts.  I think the hardest decision was to choose which child we were going to made a video for, all of them would be great.  David and I ended up choosing F.  We were given instructions on how to fill out the necessary form online.  In the form, we included personal information for F (which I'm not going to share here), we uploaded a recent photo of him, uploaded a recent piece of artwork from him and David and I were able to write a paragraph and blessing for him about his name.  This is important because at the end of the video the characters read this personal letter from us to F.

Here is a photo of the artwork F completed.  I had him color a picture of arrows as his middle name means arrow maker.

And here is a fairly recent photo of him.

After a few weeks, we received a digital personalized video for F!  It can take 3 to 10 business days to receive your order and rush service is available if needed.  David and I watched the 28 minute video first before showing it to F and the other kids and we were really impressed!  I was surprised by how much F's artwork was included in the video.  It comes in near the beginning of the video and is fairly integral throughout -  - it flies through the air, is rolled into a rocket, launches into space, is used as a parachute and more.  I really like the quality of the animations, the variety of characters who are fun and engaging, and even their unique and distinct voices.  Some of the characters are below.  Your child's name is the central theme of this adventure and I love that the characters explore what God thinks of names and that various scriptures are shown throughout their journey.  This is definitely a faith based product.

Ben (short for Benjamin) the Pencil

 Shine the Star

 Mr. Owl

Rescued the Sheep

F was super excited when we showed him his video.  He had lots of questions and couldn't stop grinning throughout the story.  The other kids really enjoyed it as well.  F's name was spoken over 20 times and shown onscreen in lots of fun and unique ways.  F especially liked "his" room in the beginning of the video.

 We showed F his video on our big screen television.

F's artwork flying through the air at the beginning of the video.

Personalized room - You can see the blocks say We 💗 Flint and the green pillow says Flint Fletcher.

Here is F watching the beginning of his video.

 F's artwork as a rocket!

Here he is in the middle.  I love that D is smiling too!

 He is still grinning at the end.

In the film, your child will see a scroll of the history of their name.

Remember the paragraph that David and I submitted?  It is read at the end of the video, so fun!

I also received a fun file of activity sheets - maze in F's name, namesign, color search, books of the Bible word search, and handwriting sheets with F's name.

Check out this super fun Namesign for F to use on a desk or in his room.

 And this search and find name color sheet is also pretty great.

A colored this sheet for F and I love how it turned out.

This is definitely a very unique and super fun product.  I think it has been such a special treat for F and it turned out even better than I had hoped.  We will enjoy it for a long time.  I highly recommend this company and their personalized products!

Check out the video below to really get a feel for this animated, personalized adventure with your child's artwork, name and more.

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Hi! This is fun

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This looks like such a great gift idea!

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This is so cool looking! You could see how happy your son was watching his video :)

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This looks so adorable!

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This looks really cool - I love seeing how happy he was as he was watching the video.

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

I like how it is truly personalized to your child and not just a "plug in his name and the name of a couple of his friends here and there" like some I've seen. Looks like a great product!