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BUCK Making Cents from Buck Academy Review

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW.

BUCK Academy
We were blessed to receive BUCK Making Cents from Buck Academy!  This book is geared for children ages 5-10 and is a great tool for parents to use with their children to help them understand the value of money.  This book is written by Dustin Goss and illustrated by Febyolla Goss.
Our new hardback book with a soft touch!
I want to note that the paper in this book is very durable as it is thick and sturdy.  I appreciate this so much as it will be longer lasting.

I have been using it with F and G and we love it!

In our book BUCK, a friendly dollar, helps break down money to the basics.  The goal of this book is not only to help children understand the concept of money but to get them to think about saving and investing too.

Our Table of Contents
Chapter 1 focuses on making cents of Buck.  Children are introduced to Buck and his most valued friends, the coins!  This is such a fun chapter.  I love that the coins in the book are foiled for a real look and feel.  G especially loves touching them.

Buck and the coins.  I'm hoping you can see how the coins are foiled.

And above you can see all about meeting Quarter.

It was fun that it mentioned the Liberty quarters because we have a book for collecting them.  And while we don't have all (yet), we have quite a few.  It was fun to look at them as we read our book.

Chapter 2 focuses on the value of Buck and each coin.  And more specifically how many of each coin makes a buck (4 quarters, 10 dimes, etc.).

Above you can see the example for pennies.  It shows that there are 100 pennies in a buck.

Chapter 3 focuses on memory.  It asks several questions about Buck and each of his coin friends.

Here are the questions about comparing a nickel and a dime.  Which is larger in value and which is larger in size?

The answer key is found on the bottom of the page upside down.

The end of the book contains coin and dollar fun facts.  It's interesting things you didn't know about money.  I personally love this trivia section.  The boys learned that the penny has the only president facing to the right and so much more!  Buck Making Cents is a fun way to teach young children about American currency.  The boys and I really enjoy having it and we would definitely recommend it too 😉.

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Financial Literacy for Kids with BUCK Academy

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