Wednesday, November 17, 2021

I Know It Review

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW.

I Know It
I Know It is a great way to help make math practice fun for your kids!  We were blessed to receive an online 1-year family subscription for our review.
I created an account for E, F and G to practice their math skills.

What is I Know It?  It's an online supplemental math program for students K-5th grade.  It has over 600 topics and math lessons!  It's full of colorful graphics and fun animated characters that celebrate with children when they answer questions correctly.  If the student answers their question incorrectly, an explanation will appear on the screen to help them understand the correct answer.  I want to note that there is no teaching with this program so students should be familiar with the concepts before answering the questions.  It's great practice!

Above you can see that G answered his question correctly in the Skip Counting lesson and the character on the bottom is flipping for him!

As G answers the questions within the lessons, there is a progress circle and score circle on the right that shows his progress.

G earned an award for completing his lesson on Skip Counting and getting 15 out of 15 questions correct.

Above you can see G's overall progress.

So far, G has used I Know It the most in our family.  I'm looking forward to the other kids using it even more over the upcoming holiday break for extra math practice.  I love that this program contains large fonts for younger children and bright colors.  I also want to note that children can explore lessons and parents can assign specific lessons for them as well.  It's easy to monitor your students progress and I really like that.
I also want to note that if you have a younger student who cannot read, there is a speaker icon on the top of the questions that will read the questions aloud for your students.  This hasn't been an issue for us as G's reading has continued to improve this year but I really appreciate having this option if he needs it to help him be independent with this program.  G has really liked earning his awards.

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Engaging Online Interactive Math Practice with I Know It

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