Friday, August 5, 2022

Mini-Theater Kit from STEAM4KIDZ Review

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW.


I was so pumped to be selected to receive the Mini-Theater Kit from STEAM4KIDZ for E to complete!  This specific kit is geared for kids ages 6-12 to complete independently.  E (age 10) did great with it!

Our Kit

I love that there was information for both the adult and the child!

A peek inside our kit

I'm so pleased with the organization of our kit!  Everything was separated into bags by projects and it was so well laid out and organized, E was able to find everything easily.  All the materials needed to complete the projects were included in out kit and kids have access to step-by-step videos for each project and these were amazing!

This Mini-Theater kit has various projects for kids to work through.

  • They will build a model Proscenium Theater.
  • Create a 3 color light box to control colors and mood within their theater.
  • Create scenes for their theater.
  • Cut out animal characters for each scene.
  • And last but not least, create plays using their characters and scenes!

And of course, they are learning about theater all along the way.  I love that this kit is both hands-on and educational.

E starting to build the theater

Assembling the fly bars

A complete fly bar

E constructing her theater.

E with her basic theater

E watching the video and creating character stands.

E finished the basic theater, fly bars and stands.

Creating the light box was next.  Above you can see the materials and video.

First the outer box was constructed.

Then the wires were stripped and the proper connections were made.  The video explaining this and demonstrating it was fabulous.  I think it really helps kids see and understand the process.

E's finished light box, red light

Green light

And blue light

E watching the video for instructions on how to color the Medieval Scene.

Scene Completed

E with her completed theater!

A close up view

It's so fun that she can create different characters and scenes and even different moods (with the light box) for her theater.  She is now working on her next script and I cannot wait to see her creation!

If you are looking for a fun and educational hands-on project kit for your child, I cannot recommend the Mini-Theater Kit from STEAMKIDZ enough.  It is a great addition to our homeschool and I am so pleased we received it!

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