Monday, April 28, 2008

Cuties and Fun

The girls and I made our first cuties today!! What are cuties you ask - well, they are clothspin dolls. And we had a great time. A made a princess (with a little help from me) and B made a mermaid (with a lot more help from me). See pictures below.

B with her "before" cutie - this is how they started.

A and B with the finished cuties.

Closer view of A's princess

A after finishing cutie. She is wearing the new skirt I just bought her!

We had a great weekend with Aunt Stephanie and the Bean. They were able to come and stay a few days with us. We went to the jumpy place, the outlet mall, and much more! Stephanie and I even were able to have a girls night out and my friend Mellissa was able to come as well. We sang for free ice-cream at Amy's and then saw a movie - fun times! Thanks for coming Sam and Bean (Trent too!!).

A and the bean at the jumpy place.

The girls enjoying a ride at the outlet mall.

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crayonmommy said...

HOW CUTE ARE THE CUTIES! :) I love the pictures! We can't wait for Clay's birthday to see the family, we miss ya'll!