Monday, January 4, 2016

F's 2nd Birthday - Robot Party

 Happy Birthday F!

Today is F's 2day!  Yep, my baby turns 2.  We had a super fun robot party for him yesterday and I couldn't believe how many people were able to make it!  We had loads of fun.

David and the older girls made this fun robot.  F appropriately named him Happy.

 David made a fun robot cake.

Another view

 F is excited

F was almost able to blow out the candles but not quite.  He actually got upset when David blew them out for him.  You kind of had to be there.

I was so excited to find these awesome robot printables for free!  Thank you, thank you Hostess With the Mostess - you rock.  I used them on my drink dispensers, to make the robot chocolates, food labels and various decorations.

We had lots of fun snacks: microchips (various assortment of chips), gears (Oreos), robot chocolates, juicebots, robot liquid fuel, and a fruitbot.

Our Fruitbot



Robot Chocolates

Robot Liquid Fuel


Closer View

 F enjoying a birthday snack.

 E posing with Happy.

We were able to use Happy as a photo opportunity and get lots of pictures of the kids with him.  Sometimes it can be hard with two birthdays in December and two birthdays in January but I think we pulled this Robot party off with a bang.  One more party to go (this month!).

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