Friday, January 1, 2016

Compound Word Learning with Fun Socks

I have a fun product to tell you about, compound word socks!  They are a fun, everyday item that can also be used as a learning tool.  Compound word socks by the Gama Family are designed to make learning fun and encouraging as children learn how to structure compound words.  Each sock represents 1/2 of a compound word and when joined together (on your child's feet) the two socks spell out the compound word.


I love that each individual sock has pictures to go along with it and then when you put them together they make a bigger picture of the compound word, very creative!

D's new StarFish socks

Out of the package - the design is fun and vivid

On D's feet!

D in her fun socks.

Apart - you can see that the star sock has stars and the fish sock has fish.

Together - when you put them together they also make a starfish in the middle!

These socks are fun, comfortable and there are several designs available.  D likes that you can pull them up to make them longer or push them down to make them shorter.

 Butterfly design

 Rocketship design

There is also a free, interactive app to further your child's learning.  Kids will enjoy playing the word games that were created to engage their growing minds.  D has enjoyed playing this app.  There are three sections: play, gallery and learn.  In the play section when you complete a level it will unlock the next door or level so that you can create more compound words.

 You drag and drop the individual word into the bubbles and then the compound word will be created.  Above you see the words sun and flower.

 Here you see that they created the compound word sunflower.

Once you create a word the icon appears at the top.  When you have created all the compound words possible the bubbles will be full and the next door will be unlocked.  There is one incorrect word in this first section.  D was stuck here for awhile because of this error.  The app thinks that glassesflower is a correct compound word; however, it is not.  Hopefully this can be corrected soon.  The same word is found in the gallery and learn sections.

 Here you can see that the app thinks glassesflower is a word.

 I do like the way the learn section is set up so that kids can view the individual words and the compound word it makes above.

You definitely do not have to use this app to enjoy these socks but it is a fun, free tool to have along with them.  And I think having the app helps justify the cost a bit more.   These socks are available on Amazon for $9.99 a pair and come in a number of fun combinations including ladybug, cupcake, firetruck, rocketship, starfish, butterfly, eggplant and sunglasses to name a few.  The size options are 3YR-5YR and 6YR-8YR.  D is 6 and the 6YR-8YR pair fit her well with some room to grow.

Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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