Thursday, October 6, 2016

Happy "Biggie" Princess Birthday Party Miss E!

Birthday Girl, Princess "Elsa" E

Yesterday, E turned 5 on the 5th and had her "Biggie" birthday!  She had a fabulous celebration last Saturday.  We had a pony with a petting zoo, and a pink and purple castle bounce house for entertainment and fun.  Enjoy the photos!

David made a fun castle cake, pink lemonade flavor per E's request.

Another view - I love the graham cracker door.

Getting ready to sing...

I love her smile.

Making a wish...

Purple and Pink Princess Castle Bounce House

Check out this amazing bounce house we rented from Addy & Jax Bounce House Rentals.  They were super friendly and so easy to work with - I would highly recommend them, great price too!

Petting Zoo

And then we had a petting zoo and pony in the front yard.  The weather was awesome and the kids had a great time.  This is the second time we have had a pony and petting zoo from El Rancho and they have done a great job both times.  Again, I would definitely recommend them.

The little kids checking out the baby animals.

 A with her favorite bunny.

Birthday Girl taking a pony ride.

 Another ride on "Little Boy".

 C taking a ride.

 D was the first to ride.  After E saw her ride she wanted a turn.

I love Mister F on the pony.  He looks so big here.

Bunny heaven...

 Aunt Jane!

 A and B with Aunt Jane and a baby duck.

 I loved watching the baby pig.

I'm sure you can tell that E had a great time.  Thanks so much to everyone who helped us celebrate!


Elena said...

Happy Birthday! She is so cute

Julie Wood said...

What a cute birthday party and cake! Your daughter sure had fun and I bet she felt so special!