Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Emoji Party

Emoji Angel Food Cake

I am officially 39!  I haven't jumped over to the 40s yet but I am less than year away now.  David and the kids planned an emoji themed party for me on Saturday and it was so much fun!  I loved the homemade decorations and cards that the kids made, they were so creative.

 I love this crew so much!  Check out D's emoji face.


 The kids used yellow balloons and a sharpie and went to work creating emoji balloons.  I love how they turned out.



 Here you can see that they taped them to Mason Jars to hold them up.

 Themed plates from Walmart

I am scheduled to have gall bladder surgery on November 4th and I have to be super careful with my diet right now or I end up having a terribly painful abdominal episode.  I thought it was so sweet that David made me an angel food cake, which is safe for me to eat :).  Enjoy the photos!

 My slice of cake

 A little blurry but I have to include a photo of me - now 39!

D and B are talking about having an Emoji themed party in December.  It's up to them but I hope they do.  It's a theme in which you cannot help but smile!

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