Sunday, August 6, 2017

Baby G's Giraffe Party

Baby G had his giraffe themed birthday party yesterday and it was so much fun to celebrate his 1st year of life and see him enjoy his 1st bite of cake.  Hope you enjoy it too.

The Food Table: fruit tray, veggie tray, chips, guacamole, salsa, animal crackers, puffy 
Cheetos, cheese sticks, M&Ms and banana pudding

Rainbow fruit tray

A whipped up this giraffe themed banana pudding for the party and it was a hit.

The girls and I decorated around the house and on the cups and bowls with these adorable little giraffes.

Baby G enjoying guacamole.

Mommy Giraffe

D with her Showteam's mascot giraffe (I hope her name ends up being Stretch).  She won the honor of bringing her home this week which was perfect since we already had a giraffe themed party planned.

Baby G's Giraffe Cakes

Baby G's Giraffe Cake

About to sing...

Singing to Baby G

I may have helped him blow out his candle.

Baby G's Smash Cake

 Getting his cake

Touching the cake

Not sure about the cake

Tasting the cake!


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Rose-Marie said...

What a cute theme, and the cake is so nice! You really know how to pull off special birthday parties!