Saturday, August 12, 2017

Our Time with Stretch

D getting Stretch

D has been participating in gymnastics for awhile, she loves the sport.  In January she joined her gym's Showteam and she enjoys every minute of it.  She spends 8 hours a week learning and training.  Last week the girls performed in their gym's Showcase and it was so fun to see how much they have all grown and improved in their skill levels.  The team has a mascot.  It's a giant giraffe.  Most weeks the coaches choose a team member who has done really well for the week to take the giraffe home and hang out with until the following week.  D was chosen last week to take the mascot home.  She was so excited!  Especially since Baby G had his giraffe themed birthday party the next day - how perfect.  D wants to name the giraffe Stretch so that is what we call her, at least our family.

Stretch wearing pajamas.

Stretch dressed up for church.

D and Stretch on the slide

Coming down

Fun at the park

Stretch on the zip-line

Hanging at the park

Hanging at home

At Baby G's giraffe party!

Walking around the neighborhood

 D and Stretch at Showcase

 Stretch with Showteam


wen budro said...

That is super adorable. Stretch is the perfect name. This activity sounds like a wonderful way for girls to have fun while developing self-confidence and life skills.

Kathryn said...

Thanks Wen! I love that the coaches find encouraging ways to push the girls.