Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello, Hey Cupcake!

While A and B were at gymnastics camp, C and D and I went exploring.  Check out this nifty cupcake place we found.

Isn't it cute?  Apparently, the cupcake up top used to spin around but the motor is out right now, bummer.

The menu.

C picked a snowcap.

Who looks happy?

 What did they think?  Well...

This place reminded me so much of a book that David and I have called Hello, Cupcake!  In fact, we have made several cupcakes out of that book.  Here are a few pics of some of them...

Princess cupcakes at A's 5th birthday.

Monkey cupcakes for a friend's baby shower.

And we made the circus cupcake tower for Great Grandma's birthday, I will have to find that one and add it when I do.

 Found it!!  I think the elephants are my favorite.


Stephanie said...

Uh - you are so taking me to that place next time I am there :) Looks totally awesome!! Probably good that I don't have a cupcake truck near me..

Kathryn said...

Yes, I will. It can even be my treat!!

nowamomof3 said...

Can you send me the elephant cup cake directions?

Kathryn said...

Yes, do you want to borrow the book or just email you the directions?

Kathryn said...

I guess I can just respond here :)

These instructions will make 4 elephant cupcakes. You need 1 cup light blue candy melting wafers, 1/4 cup light blue decorating sugar, 8 banana-shaped candies (Runts), and 8 brown mini M&Ms. You make an ear template (right and left - shown in book) and place them on a cookie sheet and cover with wax paper. Place the light blue candy melting wafers in a ziploc bag, microwave for 10 seconds to soften, massage back and repeat 3 times. Snip a corner in bag and pipe an outline of the ears on the wax paper - refrigerate. Repeat process with trunk templates. Decorate your cupcakes with blue frosting and smooth. Roll the edges in blue deocrating sugar. When set, peel the ears and trunks from the wax paper and insert ears into sides of cupcake and press trunk into the center. Press a banana candy into both sides of the turnk for tusks. Pipe two dots of vanilla frosting for the eyes and add the mini M&Ms. Pipe any other details and refrigerate for ~ 30 minutes to secure the ears. Hope that helps!!

TiffanyLeigh said...

That's my SIL's favorite place to go & her fave cupcake is that snowcap! How funny!