Monday, December 10, 2012

Our First Biggie Party

B and D had their birthday party over the weekend and it was a lot of fun, a bit tiring but totally worth it.  We had a petting zoo, ponies, pinata, bounce house and an all around great party!  Enjoy a few of the photos (I have hundreds :).

B's cake - it has 7 turrets.

And D's cake - you got it, 3 turrets.

Our food spread.

The Petting Zoo

 They set up in our front yard.

The kids loved having the petting zoo.  Their were roosters, chickens, chicks, bunnies, ducks, a baby goat and a baby pig!

 B holding a chick

Bunny love

Even E enjoyed the animals!

 And of course, the ponies!

 B taking a ride.

 And D

 The ponies had a few carrot and apple treats.

Pinata Time

 Everyone had a go at the giant castle pinata.

 Here it goes...

 Getting loot

And that is an end to our first Biggie Party friends.  It seems that we might be doing something similar next year as B will turn 8 on the 8th, crazy right?

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kaitlyn hoffman said...

Sweet cake! I want a petting zoo at my daughters parties too. I was afraid my husband wouldn't like it. Some year we will!