Sunday, January 26, 2014

Getting Crafty with Borax Sweepstakes

Do you love pinterest, crafts, contests?  Have I got a great one to share with you!  The Getting Crafty with Borax Sweepstakes has launched!  There are so many ways 20 Mule Team Borax can help beautify your home, learn how to get crafty and get entered to WIN $500 here!  Oh, and this involves creating a pinterest board - which I love :).

 Here is a sampling of the board I created!  Check out my complete board here.

Disclosure:  Thanks so much to the Purex Insiders program for allowing me to be a part of this campaign and providing information about this Sweepstakes!  As part of this campaign I am eligible to win prizes!


Amanda McMahon said...

Looks like you have spam up there


I didn't realize borax was for more than just laundry! I used it for cloth diapers, but crafts are fun!

Kathryn said...

Thanks Amanda, deleted the spam!

Diana Chastain said...

Thanks for sharing! I am excited to participate in this giveaway!

Farrah AFM said...

This is great! We use Borax a lot in our home. As a homeschooling mom, I'm always on the hunt for new craft ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Knittycat said...

Thanks for sharing! I use borax all the time to make cleaning supplies, and we've made beautiful borax crystals before, but I didn't realize there was so much more you could do :)
~ Kimberly
Our Family World

Elisebet F said...

The fake flowers look amazing. I NEVER would've thought to use Borax for that!