Monday, April 13, 2015

Thinkfun Maker Studio Propellers Set Review & Our Original Submarine

I know you are most likely familiar with Thinkfun but are you familiar with their Maker Studio construction sets?  There are three different sets: Gears, Propellers and Winches.  Each set includes complete instructions for creating four different builds as well as Engineering Challenges which will encourage young makers to experiment with friction, torque, propulsion and more!  These sets are designed for anyone ages seven and up who likes to create.

Thinkfun Maker Studio Propellers Set

Thinkfun recently sent us their Maker Studio Propellers Set to see what creations the kids could make.  First I had them build the Windmill and the Potato Chip Chopper (two of the suggested builds) to get a feel for all the pieces and what they had to work with.  I love that this set encourages using recycled items and creativity along with education and learning - a win for everyone!  And then the girls came up with their own original creation, a submarine!  They completely decked it out with fins, side windows with people, ladder, functional periscope and lots of fun decorations.  If you have children I would definitely recommend this set.  I love that it encourages young minds to think outside the box!

First, A and B made the Windmill.  We didn't have chip containers or longer containers at the time so they just used a toilet paper roll!

Following the directions

Adding the final touches

Yes, it works!  It would be a bit better if it were taller but it was still functional.

Posing with their finished Windmill


Close up view

Next, they made the Potato Chip Chopper.  By this time we had a few empty chip containers so they used one of these to build their final product.

Working on the Chip Chopper

Love the concentration



Close up view

And finally, their one of a kind submarine - this one they came up with all on their own - no instructions!  For this they used a milk jug, the top of a water bottle, 3 small bubble balls from prize machines, their Thinkfun Maker Studio Propellers Set, small people and decorations from around the house.  First they made and added a propeller.  Then they made a functional periscope (it goes up and down) and added a ladder with people complete with bubble on top.  Next, the girls added side fins and windows with people.  Finally they decked it out with decorations.  What do you think?  I think it is awesome!!

Making and adding the propeller

Creating the functional periscope

Their ladder complete with people

Here you can see the periscope and ladder

Side fins were added and bubble windows with people

They liked the way it looked with three side windows.

The bubble on top, created with the top of a recyclable water bottle.

In mid creation

Top view of their finished submarine.

Top, side view of their finished submarine.

Close up view of the top

Side view of submarine

A and B with their finished fully decked out submarine!

Disclosure: Thanks so much to Thinkfun for sending us their Maker Studio Propellers Set to see what the kids could create and facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


Ashley Gill said...

Oh my gosh, the fun your girls had! My kids would love to work with these! Plus they're done with recycled material. Love it!

Christy Williams said...

Love it I need for the grands

Kerri Hale said...

What a great way to reuse and repurpose items! I love it!

blessedchick said...

Those look like fun. Something great my boys can do. They love hands on projects!

Jamie Tomkins said...

How neat!! What a fun thing to do with the kids!! Love this!

LauraHix said...

these are great! Love it!

LauraHix said...

these are great! Love it!