Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kids Create Music Compositions with ThinkFun's Compose Yourself

Compose Yourself by ThinkFun

My kids have been having a lot of fun with ThinkFun's Compose Yourself.  Using Compose Yourself, anyone can create a fabulous composition in literally minutes.  Compse Yourself was invented by virtuoso cellist and composer, Philip Sheppard.  I love that this game inspires mini maestros and allows people to play with music.

 Composition Cards

This game comes with composition cards that can be flipped, rotated, and re-ordered to create appealing patterns and music.  Each card has four different possibilities.  After your choose your cards, simply enter the card codes onto the special website and you can hear your composition come to life.

 B listening to her first piece, Sweet Little Princess.

This is the kids favorite part, listening to their pieces over and over!  You have the ability to share your music on social media and e-mail, download an MP3, print sheet music and so much more.

 You can see the different cards next to B in this photo.

B's opinion (a 9 year old perspective):  I think Compose Yourself is amazing!  It is so cool that you get to make the songs using the cards.  I have had so much fun creating my song, Sweet Little Princess.  I hope you enjoy it too.

You can look at B's song and even listen to it!

Compose Yourself is for ages 6 to 106, single player (although my kids have worked together on a few masterpieces), and sold exclusively at Amazon for $14.99.

Disclosure: Thanks so much to ThinkFun for sending us their Compose Yourself to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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