Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day 2017

I love homeschooling my kiddos.  Yesterday we were able to attend the Austin Area Homeschoolers Valentine's Day party which is such a fun event.  This is our second year to attend and the kids have so much fun making Valentine's Day boxes and valentines to hand out to all the homeschoolers.

A with her box.

A loves all things Star Wars lately so she choose to make an R2D2 "trash can" Valentine's Day box and Star Wars inspired valentines with Smartie light sabers.

Aren't these so cute?  Thanks so much to Busy Creating Memories for this free printable!!

B with her box.

B loves all things emoji lately so she choose to make an emoji Valentine's Day box and emoji valentines with heart candy eyes!

I thought these turned out so cute.  Thanks so much to A Girl & A Glue Gun for the free printable!

C with his box.

C chose to make dinosaur valentines with jokes.  We purchased a bulk bag of plastic dinosaurs on Amazon and they worked perfectly.  I found this fun 3D puffy dinosaur sticker set at Walmart for C to use to decorate his box.

I thought these were so creative.  Thanks so much to Wine and Glue for the free printable!

D with her box.

D chose to make rock valentines.  We ended up having to hot glue the eyes because the sticker jewels did not want to stick on their own.  However, the heart mouths did just find on their own!  She used the extra rocks to decorate her box.

I love the personality in the rocks!  Thanks so much to that's what she said for the free printable!

E with her box.

E made valentine's with erasers on them.  We bought 12 packs for $1 at Dollar Tree!  We also purchased jewel stickers and heart wrapping paper for her to decorate her box with.

I love the way they turned out.  Thanks so much to Liz on call for the free printable!

F with his box.

I found some cute puffy stickers in the dollar section of Target and F gave these out this year.  A and B helped him make a fun box with wrapping paper and markers.

He loved that they puffed out.

Baby G at the Valentine's Day party!

We had such a fun morning.  We always decorate the table for the kids on Valentine's Day with special surprises and David usually makes a yummy treat for breakfast.  This year, the older kids, had some surprises of their own.  A and B bought everyone plush and made special heart cards along with decorations and confetti.  I thought they did such a great job.  Even C make everyone a homemade card and he gave everyone their age in cents - I thought that was awesome.

 C and F each received this fun fish.

 My card from C.

David gave each of the kids a fun heart pillow!

The girls even remembered a special heart shaped breakfast for Stevie dog.

 I hope you had a great Valentine's this year!

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