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Stopmotion Explosion Stop Motion Animation Kit Review

I have a fun product to share with you, the Stop Motion Animation Kit from Stopmotion Explosion.  A has always been interested in movies and movie making.  She had an awesome science fair project on making a Zoetrope several years ago (2016). I love that the Stopmotion Explosion book included a brief history of film including the Zoetrope.

 A's Science Fair Project - she made a Zoetrope

All about the Zoetrope

Our Stop Motion Explosion Kit

Inside the Kit

When I told A and B that I wanted them to create their own LEGO animation they were excited!  This kit contains everything needed to make high-definition animated films using LEGO action figures, clay, toys, and numerous other materials.  The Stopmotion Explosion book has 290+ pages of example projects, lots of illustrations and step-by-step instructions for animating, screenwriting, video editing, audio recording and video processing software.  Or you can watch video tutorials in the Stopmotion Explosion Content Hub.

The book has lots of content

Again, this comprehensive kits comes with everything you need.  It includes a 1080p HD video camera.  This model is suitable for novice to intermediate level animations and perfect for my kids who are just starting to learn animation.  The camera has manual focus, a 360° rotating head, clip, Full HD 1920 x 1080 image resolution and many other features.  The Stopmotion Explosion book has lots of information.  Some of the topics include building sets, lighting, composition, animating, sound, editing.

I really like that stop motion is a creative hands-on medium that can be used to complement a plethora of topics and subjects.  Your kids can make a movie to showcase something that they have learned or recreate a historical event.  A and B chose to make a few general life videos and I love that.

 A and B creating their set - they used the software on a laptop

A working on a scene

  One of the images

My kids have really enjoyed making a few animated films with some of our LEGOs.  First, A and B made a short film about a baker baking a cake.  Then, they made a longer film about a gymnast at a gymnastics meet who scores a 10 on every event (notice the baker makes an appearance at the end of the film).  I love that D gave input into the gymnastics film including making the springboard for the vault.  She also noticed that the event order is not completely correct but that's okay.  It should be Bars, Beam, Floor, and Vault.  After creating their films, they went and added music and sound effects.  They used iMovie for this.  The girls have a lot to learn.  You can see in their gymnastics videos that they used string/floss to help them create flips and upside down maneuvers.  The book addresses this and give lots of tips and tricks for creating.  I hope you enjoy their creations as much as I have!  I'm looking forward to seeing them implement more techniques as they continue to learn from this book and learn more about animation.

LEGO Baking

And here it is with sound!

LEGO Gymnastics

With sound as well!

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We are really enjoying our Stop Motion Animation Kit and I look forward to seeing what the kids create in the future!

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