Friday, September 18, 2020

Science Fun with Skittles {Rainbow Experiment}

The "littles" and I had a lot of fun the other day with Skittles.  We did a very simple rainbow experiment using only Skittles and water.  Simply place the Skittles in a circle pattern on a plate, alternating colors as you wish.  Pour water all around the outside of the Skittles and watch the magic happen and rainbow form.  The whole experiment takes only a few minutes and the kids loved it!  Hope you try it yourself.

Here is our plate of Skittles!

You can see our rainbow just starting to form after we added our water.

I love the way the colors bleed into the center.

Above you can see G pointing to the colors.

This is one of my favorite pictures.

It's almost done...

It does look a bit messy at the end.  I prefer the pictures when the rainbow is halfway formed.  But it is nice that it does complete itself in the middle.


Annette Vellenga said...

oh,,, this is always such a fun experiment! :)

Kristen of A Mom's Quest to Teach said...

That's really neat. We haven't done this but have had many family members recommend it to use since we are homeschooling. Is there a science behind it? Or just the dyes of the colors running?

Lisa said...

This looks like an experiment my crew would love. Going to pick up some Skittles and try soon. Thanks so much for the great directions.

Kathryn said...

Hey Kristen - it's basically the color coating of the Skittle dissolving and diffusing through the water. Skittles work particularly well because their colors dissolve faster than other candies and they have bright colors!