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Home School in the Woods Maps Combo-Pak (US & World Maps) Review

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW.

Homeschool in the Woods

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love resources from Home School in the Woods.

We have been so blessed to receive their Maps Combo-Pak (US & World Maps) to use in our own homeschool.  As the name implies, this set provides you with both World and U.S. Maps and these can be used for pretty much every grade, K-12.

World Maps

I love that there are both Ancient (physical map format) and Modern (contain political lines) styles for the maps.  This set includes a variety of maps in an assortment of ways - you have maps with labels, maps without labels, maps with certain borders, maps without certain borders, etc.  This is so fabulous because you can really tailor this set to your own unique needs.

I so appreciate all the bonus material included in this set as well - notebooking pages, fact sheets, research sheets, flags for all the countries, etc.

E spent some time studying Africa.

I love her finished map!
With the Tokyo Olympics coming up in just a few weeks, I think we are going to spend some time looking at our country flag pages and make notes when the kids recognize various ones throughout the games.  I think that will be a fun opportunity to watch and learn.

U.S. Maps

This gives us maps of every state, Washington DC and even a dozen or so maps of American History (13 Colonies, expansion of states, etc.).  Similar to the World Maps there is an assortment here as well - maps with labels, without labels and in an outline form.  There is a plethora of ways to use them.  Younger students can simply color them.  Older students can do their own labeling.  They can even use these as a guide or stepping stone to being able to hand draw the Unites States of America.

Bonus material is fabulous here as well.  You will have fact sheets for each state, state flags, etc.

E wanted to learn about California so I printed the California fact sheet for her to learn more about the state.
{We have these for every state!}

I love that it has an answer key as well.
E with her finished fact sheet!

It would be so fun to pair the U.S. Maps with the Timeline Set: America's History (Explorers to the 21st Century).

This Maps program is such a fabulous resource to have within our homeschool.  I love hands-on resources and these maps do not disappoint.  And the bonus material is stellar.

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