Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rock n' Roll Elvis Costume Review

Have you heard of Wholesale Halloween Costumes?  They have tons of fun and exciting costumes including Elvis Presley Costumes for adults, kids and even pets!  I was sent the infant Elvis romper costume for review.

  My Baby E as Elvis

My thoughts:  This is a really fun costume.  It is soft - 100% polyester and stylish.  I live in Texas and this wouldn't fly to wear during the hot months but it will be perfect for Texas October weather - Halloween time.  I really like the accent designs in the front and along the sides of the pants (creating a bell bottom style look).

Bottom of the legs

This costume is designed for children 6-12 months and I think that is pretty accurate.  It is slightly big for my kids in the 6-9 month range but I think it is versatile for this age and will be spot on for the 9-12 month range.  Actually my babies can probably get away with wearing it even longer, it will just be shorter.  I suppose Elvis is still the king even now!

 Side view

My favorite feature is probably the collar.  It just makes me think of Elvis.

 Sitting up, front view

I think I just need to get her a mic and she will be good to go!

Disclosure:  I was blessed to receive the infant Elvis costume for review.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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Kathy M said...

This is a really cute costume, and she looks so adorable in it!