Thursday, May 17, 2012

Caterpillars, Medals, & ipad Oh My!

We have some new pets in our home.  They are not permanent residents though.  Our caterpillars arrived Monday.  B has named them Crawly and Miranda.  We are going to watch the metamorphosis process for fun and for one of our science lessons.

 B holding our caterpillars

Crawly (on top) Miranda (below)

A and B finished their gymnastics on Wednesday.  They had their gold medal ceremony and David and I (along with C, D, & E) were able to watch them show off a few tricks - it was fun.  And it appears that B's broken arm last month hasn't slowed her down a bit.

Getting their medals

And, wait for it...I am the proud owner of an ipad2!  I have been saving for one for 6 months now so I was so happy when David and the kids surprised me on Mother's Day.  It was a big day indeed.  My amazing husband essentially made me breakfast, lunch, and dinner - not to mention all the gifts and kind words.  Thanks babe!  I truly have an amazing husband (and my kiddos are pretty awesome too).

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Casey K said...

Congrats to your girls and yay for an Ipad! I hope to have one someday!